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Models for Writing

Model 1: Business and Leadership (sections)

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Model 2: Soul to Soul (section)

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The examples are for inspiration, not intended as an absolute formula.

Read, ponder, and let your mind go!

We all have ideas to share and stories that can impact others in dynamic ways!

Write to Encourage and Enlighten Your Peers.

We publish Inspirational Stories that guide readers to try new things, face fears, infuse the world with positive accomplishments and How-to Pieces that explore how you learned what you know and provide solid tips, steps, and advice. Selected articles will fit these categoriesDoctor to Doctor, Business to BusinessSoul to Soul, and Leadership

Articles must be original work, submitted exclusively for Top 100 Doctors Magazine. Submissions that include excerpts from the writer’s previously published work will be rejected since we cannot edit published language. Writers may include brief quotes from their outside research or experience. Awkwardly rendered or inaccurate quotes will result in rejection. Poorly written pieces will not be published.

ALL submissions should be engaging and pertinent, well organized, free of redundancy, and meticulously edited for structural and punctuation errors. Reasonable stylistic deviations are permitted.

Top 100 Doctors reserves the final editing rights on all content.


  • Type manuscript in Times New Roman, 12 font, with 1 inch margins.
  • Left align the article title on the first line.
  • Left align your professional name on the second line.
  • Left align and single-space the article. Double-space between paragraphs; don’t indent.
  • Manuscript should be approximately 600-1200 words.
  • Manuscript must not be previously published. Top 100 Doctors holds exclusive publication rights.
  • Do not submit excerpts from published works, not even your own.
  • Include a professional headshot photo.
  • Include a bio of approximately 250 words, based on the following suggestions:
    • Education level, career path, passions, talents, hobbies, goals, accomplishments;
    • Promotional information—Briefly mention your book(s) or product;
    • Contact information—Website, Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.


Attach these items to an email and send to Magazine@Top100Doc.com.

  • MANUSCRIPT (word.doc)
  • BIO (word.doc)


You may send photos to accompany the article.

Photos must meet the standards of 300 dpi and min 1MB. 

Top 100 Doctors reserves the right to select photos from submissions or other sources.

Professional photos must include credit: Name of photographer and/or studio.

All photos must have captions that include the following:

  • First and last names of all people, from left to right, including titles as relevant;
  • The name of the event or occasion;
  • The location, including the venue, city, state, country, as applicable;
  • The date or approximate time frame, such as April 2019 or Fall of 2020.

Submitting your article to Top 100 Doctors indicates full agreement with all terms and conditions of publication. The author takes full responsibility for the accuracy of the content.

Learn One. Do One. Teach One.