Dr. Sonia Regina Bordin-Aykroyd

Dr. Sonia Regina Bordin-Aykroyd

Dr. Bordin-Aykroyd is an internationally acclaimed expert in minimally-invasive, facial and dental esthetic procedures. She has three decades of international experience using laser biotechnology, in the UK, Brazil, and the USA.

She successfully runs her International Academy of Oral Facial Harmony from Dallas, an American-European laser teaching center, specialized in training healthcare professionals in various parts of the world, on the use of lasers in dentistry and in esthetics. She is also, actively involved in clinical practice, in a partnership with a craniofacial sleep and laser wellness center in Dallas, with a wholistic approach to oral-facial harmony.

Front-runner of Photobiomodulation lasers for dentistry in the UK and Brazil, in 1990, she has a Master’s degree from the Eastman Dental institute, London, UK and continuously do research and publications in the area of lasers, in cooperation with three major international affiliated Universities: University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, University of Nevada, USA and De Montfort University, UK, from which, she is currently working towards her PhD in lasers in biomedicine.

Dr Sonia is on the editorial board of some major peer-reviewed laser journals.

In 2020, she was elected Vice-President of the Pharmacology/Therapeutics/Toxicology group of the International Academy of Dental Research (IADR) and granted the Top 100 world Doctors award in dentistry.