Dr. Pavel Krastev

Dr. Pavel Krastev
Dr. Pavel Krastev, DDS graduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 1993 at the top of his class. Pavel was appointed as Asst. Prof. in CAPPA, where he served for two years while establishing his private practice.

In 2004 he completed his two-year implant training at New York University College of Dentistry, department of
Continuing Education. Upon completion, he was invited to stay on board and serve as Clinical Asst. Prof. in the
two/three-year Continuing Education Implant Program (2004-2016).

Over the last six years, Dr. Krastev developed and patented multiple dental products currently on the marketplace.  Pavel practices dentistry full time in New Hyde Park, New York.  In addition, Pavel works closely with Helmut Zepf GmbH as a KOL and development partner. As of recently Pavel has developed a passion for PRF.

As of 2019 he has joined the Global Summit Organization led by Dr. Kianor Shah, DMD. Dr. Krastev has been appointed to serve as Chairman of Social Media Operations. “Our mission is to unite doctors together with the D2D Concept and share knowledge across the Globe with our Peers” says Dr. Krastev.

In 2020 Pavel Co-authored his first book in collaboration with Dr. Bak Nguyen, DMD. The book is called “The Power of DR”, and is available on Amazon print on demand, Kindle, and Apple Books.

Pavel is married to Dr. Karina Gorski-Krastev and has two beautiful daughters. In his spare time Pavel takes flying lessons and is pursuing his lifelong dream of being a pilot.

“By sharing our knowledge, we grow ourselves. It is all about Love and Passion”.

Loving what we do and doing it with a passion to better serve our patients!