Dr. Paul L. Ouellette

Dr. Paul L. Ouellette
Paul L. Ouellette is an ABO Certified Orthodontist, AAID credentialed implant dentist, educator, humanitarian, and author. Throughout his five decade career, Dr. Ouellette has been a leading proponent of implementing cutting edge technology applications in dentistry. By embracing new technology, Dr. Ouellette aims to make dentistry and orthodontics more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Over the past several years Dr. O has been leveraging technological innovation to improve adjunctive orthodontics and implant dentistry. He is confident that the future of orthodontics and dentistry will be defined by 3D technology. His passion for technology and implant dentistry led Dr. O to develop his own Temporary Anchor Device (TAD) Implant technology-TADplants. TADplants, like mini dental implants, may last ten years or more and are an affordable provisional implant option. TADplants also play an important role in pediatric dentistry where immature patients are not yet candidates for permanent implants.

Dr. O brings his passion, knowledge and experience to his speaking engagements. He has been an Associate Professor and the first Clinical Director at the Georgia School of Orthodontics and a Clinical Instructor at Jacksonville School of Orthodontics. Dr. O is also the founding principal of DentalSpecialists.com – an organization that provides 3D CBCT multi-specialty dentistry to Central Florida. Along with his two sons, Dr. O co-authored a 750-page iPad book on 3D Dentistry, developed in 2010 the popular BracesHelp iPhone app, and built the Earn Your Smile voucher program to reduce the financial burden of orthodontic work for those in need. He has received accolades from industry professionals for his vast knowledge of interdisciplinary orthodontics, implant dentistry and multi-specialty practice management.