Dr. Paul Gerloczy


Dr. Paul Gerloczy

Although I was born in Budapest, since the age of 6 I lived in the United States where I finished high school and completed my bachelors degree in biology. In 1975 I returned to Hungary, where my father was a practicing dentist, to obtain my dental degree. Upon graduation I went back to California and after completing my exams for dental licensure, I worked in a private dental office and taught part time at the UCLA School of Dentistry in the Department of Oral Radiology until 1990.

Seeing the changes in Eastern Europe at the end of the decade, I returned once more to Hungary to take over my father’s practice. Eventually, I opened my own practice in Budapest where i have been since 1998. The practice focuses on esthetic and reconstructive dentistry with specialists in endodontics, orthodontics and implants contributing their expertise to my own work in prosthodontics and conservative dentistry. Over the course of the last 30 years, in addition to my private practice, I have continued my role and love of education by private lecturing and hands on courses, helping to introduce first hand several new techniques and concepts to Hungarian dentists. Chief among these were the total etch bonding technique, porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays, posterior composite fillings using sectional matrix technique, the anatomic (natural) stratificaion technique for anterior composite restorations, air abrasion, ozone for dentistry, monolithic zirconia crowns/bridges and use of magnification with loupes and microscopes for operative dentistry. Regarding these subjects, i also regularly write articles with clinical examples for local journals and contributed to a chapter on ceramics for the dental technical textbook used by the dental universities in Hungary.

I expanded my teaching internationally to include countries such as Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Portugal, Croatia, Romania and Ukraine. I am or was a key opinion leader for several major dental companies as noted in my CV and helped to establish or introduce a number of companies and products to the Hungarian market, including Tokuyama and Micerium.

Besides my work in the dental field, I do some charity work when time allows. I am a past president of the Friends of the Museum of Art of Budapest.