Dr. Miguel Stanley

Dr. Miguel Stanley
Licensed in Portugal, UK, and Dubai and over 200 Keynote Lectures in more than 50 countries, Dr. Miguel Stanley, is a dental surgeon with a passion for complex oral rehabilitation, who has a team of highly specialized dentists that focus on everything from basic family dentistry to full-mouth complex oral cosmetic rehabilitation. A trained implant surgeon and cosmetic dentist that graduated in 1998, Dr. Stanley has become a recognized opinion leader in the field of both cosmetic dentistry and complex implant surgery.

For the past 15 years, he has been lecturing around the world, sharing his passion for this field. In recent years, Dr. Stanley has transitioned his practice and his team into the digital era. Today, he has a team entirely dedicated to the complete digital workflow in dentistry.

He created the No Half Smiles® philosophy and the Slow Dentistry® concept. He is passionate about ethics and quality in dentistry. Dr. Stanley loves to share his vision with the younger future generations of dentists around the world.