Dr. Maria Del Pilar

Dr. Maria Del Pilar Ríos Calvo
Dr. Maria del Pilar Rios Calvo graduated from Venezuela Central University in 1990. Specializing in Prosthodontics at Bosto0n University in 1993, receiving later a Master’s Degree at Boston University in 1994 and a Ph.D. from Santa Maria University in 2017,Venezuela.

In addition to her private practice in Venezuela, she maintains active membership in several scientific societies and academies. Dr. Rios is the current Chairwoman of the Master of Science in Dental Implants Program and an associate professor at Santa Maria University.  She serves as full-time faculty at The Implant Foundation of Dr. Arun Garg in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is also a featured lecturer for the continuing education organization, Implants Seminars, in the United States. Dr. Rios proudly is the President of the International Dental Implant Association, IDIA’s, Venezuelan chapter – an organization in which she holds Diplomat status.

Her previous roles include Dean and Health Vice Chancellor Deputy at Santa Maria University in Venezuela, President of the Venezuelan Prosthetic Society, Secretary of the Venezuelan Occlusal Society, and Editor Reviewer of the United States Journal of Implant Dentistry.

Dr. Pilar has authored several articles published in scientific journals based on her research and practice of dentistry. Many of her past projects and research have been recognized and awarded.  One of her greatest passions is her work as an international speaker and educator.