Dr. Khalifa Abdallah


Dr. Khalifa Abdallah

Abdallah Khalifa is a 58-year-old dentist surgeon. He has been practicing dental surgery for more than 3 decades.

Dr. Khalifa obtained his High School Diploma in 1981 (scientific stream). Few years later he got a diploma as a doctor in dental surgery from the Dental Department, Oran University, Algeria in 1987. Years later, He obtained his Special Medical studies Diploma in Dental Surgery (1991) then he obtained his Assistant Professor Diploma in Dental Surgery in 2015 at Sidi Belabes University. He also obtained a certificate of participation in Dental implantology training from the International Academy of Dental Implantology in Paris, France.

In addition to that, Dr. Khalifa has held various roles as the founder and manager of the Dental Organization Congress in the Khalifa Dental Academy. He has worked as a dental surgery trainer since 2018 and as an associate manager and as a consultant in a variety of domestic and international business issues.

Dr. Khalifa is a consultant for the local and the national radio station using both the Arabic and the French languages. For the present time, Dr. Khalifa is practicing Orthodontics and Dental Surgery.

The languages Dr. Khalifa speaks and uses daily are mainly Arabic and French and he is looking forward to improving his English.

As far as his personality is concerned, he is sociable, friendly, overly concerned with environmental issues. Dr. Khalifa is perseverant and open-minded and well-versed in his profession.

Dr. Khalifa wishes to contribute and share his experience with you and learn from you too. Dr. Khalifa is continuously looking forward to helping students and young dentists by posting publications so as to exchange questions and answers via guided groups of Pathology and Dental Surgery reaching 19k members in the African and European continents.