Dr. Kenneth Lee

Dr. Kenneth Lee
Dr Kenneth Lee is committed to creating super dentists.

He is currently a practicing dentist in Sydney, Australia, the principal of Today’s Dental which is a multi-location group practice running for over 30 years in the same location, same practice. His personal practice is primarily limited to orthodontics, TMD, sleep medicine, and implant dentistry. Over the years, he has never stopped furthering himself in these key areas and received many accolades to evidence his mastery and experience. These include, by examination, fellowships in: International Association for Orthodontics; International Congress of Oral Implantology, American Association for Functional Orthodontics, American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, World Academy of Ultrasonic Piezo Surgery, and International Dental Implant Association; Diplomates by examination for: International Congress of Implantology, International Association for Orthodontics, and World Academy of Ultrasonic Piezo Surgery.

He continues to be an active and driven member in numerous international dental bodies, including: being a past President and currently the Chair of Education for the International Association for Orthodontics; the International Congress of Oral Implantology; the International Dental Implant Association; and the World Academy of Ultrasonic Piezo Surgery, of which he is a diplomate and international board member. He also sits on the esteemed Global Scientific Dental Council for AEEDC, Dubai. He is a professor of postgraduate studies at Universitat Jaume I, where he is currently teaching and supervising postgraduate dental students in the fields of oral implantology and orthodontics.

He is a frequent and renowned teacher both nationally in Australia, and internationally, whose catchphrase whilst teaching and treating is: “Above all, do no harm.” He is a founding faculty member of the International Academy of Advanced Dentistry (IAADent) in Sydney, Australia. IAADent holds courses approximately 30 weekends per year all around Australia, teaching graduate dentists all aspects of orthodontics, TMD, and implant dentistry. As IAADent’s principal lecturer, he passionately strives to bring fellow dentists to the forefront of dentistry, creating “super dentists” who are enabled to create healthier people with beautiful smiles. His ultimate aim is for the doctors to provide exceptional care for all our patients and our community.