Dr. Kashif Ikram


Dr. Kashif Ikram

I am graduate of 1996 did my BDS from Baqai Medical university Pakistan than i went to UK for my specialty training in oral and maxillofacial surgery and oral medicine i did two fellowship from royal college of surgeons of England and Ireland.

I have been trained and exposed to wide range of maxillofacial training and procedure which ranges from soft tissue to hard tissue and reconstruction.

I started doing CME and CPd trained workshops in oral implantology and attended over 20 accredited workshop all across globe, these highly skilled workshops gave me immense opportunity to received awards and training by world renowned trainers and speakers.

I have over 200hourse of formal training in implantology and surgery, eventually did my fellowship in implants and now I am applying for diplomat soon.

My field of interest is rehab with implants and see patients with systemic conditions.

I have a specialist practice with a slogan we treat people not teeth. I have special interested in seeing people with holistic approach and make a comprehensive plan for the entire health. I have been teaching in an academic institution for the last 18 years and become head of department of oral and maxilliofacial surgery and principal of Baqai dental college Karachi. I am trained in medical education for dental graduate. We have made an academy of orofacial aesthetics who trained local dentist by renowned international caliber dentist .its called AOA academy of orofacial Aesthetics ,we are the only one in Pakistan accredit and mention on education page of ICOI.

Recently I have been involved in energy medicine which opened my eyes to a new horizon of human ailments and its manifestation. These principles help me in treating the patients with confidence and trust.

I have been following Dr. Kianor’s website /link and learned a lot of recent information on marketing and implantology.

I deliver lectures in dental marketing as in Pakistan we were not trained in doing business with proper guidance and training this gave me an incentive to get training in marketing and administration ,which i learned from Dr. Hamid Shafi from USA.

I am eager to learn new techniques in implantology and always ready acquire latest skills and education to improve my practice and improve my teaching guideline so I could train better graduate in dental school and provide excellent treatment to my patients. I strongly believe one should never stop learning and reading.