Dr. Jorge Campos


Dr. Jorge Campos

Born in Argentina on 1956, in a home with physician, Mom, and Orthodontist, Pa. My late brother, Alexander was also a Physician and a Dentist.

He also was Maxillofacial surgeon and Orthodontist. On my family the dental passion goes thru veins and Ortho was our first love. I was trained first by my father Professor Andres Campos Olmos in Argentina who was one of the first Orthodontist to complete 2 year training in Nashville and Knoxville , Tennessee (USA). His passion for patient care was transmited to the whole family. My both nephews are Orthodontist, Augusto Campos and a perio , Delfina Campos. After finishing my Ph D on 1981 , went to USA to visit my father’s professors at Nashville and Knoxville for a staying of 3 months.

On 1986 I moved to Spain were I began as an Orthodontist and general practice. Soon fixed prosthesis and aesthetics was my goal. Since I was an early surgeon because at 21 yrs I was already fighting with wisdom molars on my father’s office the developing Implant knowledge was very atractive to me. My first implant was placed on 1.989 and still doing properly. As an early implantologist I was amazed by the cases of Dr. Salama, Maurice and Henry, and always pushed hard just to be at same level. Dr. Maurice Salama was always my mentor. And , finally, a true friend. I had the honour to be designated as an “Expert” on the Dental xp website, and it’s my pride.

On 2103 I began practicing the Socket Shield technique and helped developing new ideas and generating procedures for some of the complications that came across. I had the honour to be an active member of the PET RESEARCH GROUP where we accelerated worldwide to spread the PET ideas to the dental community. I’m very thankfull to Dr.Charles Schwimer and Dr. Snjezana Pohl for the true friendship they have given to me. I really feel them by my side every day, so I work, in a sense, with them. A special thanks to my partner and brother Dr. Alberto Fernandez Ruiz, for helping make a dream come true: JTI, the jornada total of implantology, a revolutionary event that set the basis of a new way of gathering together advanced trends on the field.

My regards to Salah Huwais that introduced me to a new era: The Osseodensification