Dr. Jeremy Krell


Dr. Jeremy Krell

Jeremy is a general dentist with a combined business background. He is currently the Head of Marketing at Simplifeye, based in NYC, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Verena Solutions, based in Chicago. He oversaw provider and clinical growth initiatives at quip, the oral health and subscription electric toothbrush company, and has since built out the Barchester Bay Group, a portfolio consisting of over 30 ventures.

Jeremy also practices general dentistry part-time, sits on the Boards of healthcare and dental startups, and is an angel investor. Jeremy has a 15+ year proven track record with startups through several successful multi-million dollar fundraises and acquisitions.

Jeremy started his career with three web and graphic design startups and moved into a luxury good and commodity venture, DormAid, for college students. He later founded a venture incubator, CEO in A Box, and led strategic provider innovation and development at Oscar, a national health insurance company, following his MBA at Chicago Booth.

Jeremy lives with his wife, daughter, and a pug in Jersey City, NJ. He enjoys playing and following professional tennis, having attended all US Opens since he was born. Jeremy is a foodie and has been vegan for 10 years, before it was cool.