Dr. Jae-won Wang

Dr. Jae-won Wang
Dr. Wang worked in engineering prior to dentistry where he practiced for over 25 years as a prosthodontist. He placed implants this whole time and his engineering background kept him from accepting the status quo of implant designs. He soon began designing and patenting custom instruments and implant research soon followed. His unyielding desire to use a better implant led him to found InnoBioSurg and produce IBS Implants, where he continues to serve as the President & CEO. His approach to implantology was focused on patient outcomes and fresh new “out-of-the-box” thinking.

His accomplishments in the field has been widely recognized with many awards. The coveted “Most Innovative Patent” award was received in 2014. He now holds 35 dentistry related patents. His emerging company required exceptional dedication and leadership where Dr. Wang has also excelled. For his leadership he was recognized by Forbes, receiving their CEO of the year award in Creative Innovation in 2015, and he was awarded 2017 Leader of the Year by Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy. His leadership now extends to minimally invasive implantology and he is the founder and director of The Academy of Minimally Invasive Implantology or AMII.

As a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive implant dentistry and leading the industry with innovations he has pioneered “Fit” protocols, patented instruments and produced the groundbreaking MagiCore implant technology. Dr. Wang is dedicated to helping more patients receive minimally invasive treatments through training colleagues. He is a national and international lecturer and has personally trained over 2500 GPs and Specialists.