Dr. Hajime Okudera

Dr. Hajime Okudera

President Of Oji Dental Cosmetic surgery & Dental clinic

Hajime Okudera Born in Misawa, Aomori On January 1, 1947, age 72

Oji Dental Clinic, Clinic &Cosmetic Surgery Oji Fitness & GYM Owner

President of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation in Kita

Former Assistant Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University,

Former President of the International Society of Oral Implants,

Visiting Professor at Both Universities and Overseas

1953 Joined the Omisawa Town Judo Association in Kamikita District, Aomori Prefecture

1957 Introduction to Okudera Judo Hall Nobuo Okudera 5960 Joined the Judo Club at Misawa City 1st Junior High School, Aomori Prefecture

1962 Teikyo High School Judo Club, Seiichi Shirai, 9 dan, studied under Masashi Sekine 8 dan

July 1963 Introduction to Kodokan

1964 Yokosuka Kanagawa Dental University Judo Club Sobu Watanabe Riichiro 8dan Ichinohe Masao 8dan

1972 Taught the U.S. Portland Otakekan Dojo as a 3 dan teacher at the time February 7,

1988 Joined the Judo Association of Kita-ku, Tokyo

1993 Kita-ku Judo Association Kita-ku Judo Rehabilitation Association Oji Medical Association Kita-ku, Takinogawa Dental Association

Kita-ku Veterinary Medical Association Kita-ku Pharmacists Association Receives other recommendations to become an official candidate for the election of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)

2004 Six-stage step NO470101095

2005 All Japan Judo Federation Registered Leader and Special Membership 15879401010

2019 Participated in the 68th Tokyo Judo Federation High-Danbetsu Tournament

July 14: Participated in the 32nd Tokyo Johoku District High-Level Tournament

October 1, Tokyo Kita-ku Judo Association Advisor