Dr. Francois Duret


Dr. Francois Duret

Dr Francois Duret holds a Periodontal and Computer speciality in Odontological Sciences, a Master in Molecular Biochemistry and an MD-PhD in Gastroenterology, among other advanced degrees and certifications. He has worked in his personnal dental Office as a dental surgeon (15 years) and assistant professor (4 years) in France, professor and Chairman(10 years) in the United States (University of Southern California) and in Japan as associate professor (4 years) (Nippon Dental University).

He is currently a visiting professor at different UFR Odontology or Engineering school in France. At the age of 74, he is managing director of his personal research and development laboratory in Fleury d Aude, France.

Dr. Duret holds more than 65 patents for fast polymerization, digital articulator, spectrocolorimetry, composite materials, fiber posts and bleaching techniques.

He is well known as the inventor of CAD/CAM medical and dental technology and artificial intelligence at the age of 22, with his thesis DDS optical imprint (optical printing) and with more than 350 lectures and 200 publications, books or book chapters on dental CadCam.

He has participated in numerous conferences as the only speaker for more than 3 hours in all regions of the world (Europe, North and South America, Africa, Middle East, India, China, Japan, Australia and South East Asia)

His work on materials as inventor and chemist, allowed him to introduce the first fiber post (RTD, 3M …), the first heterogeneous oriented composites structures for CadCam (Aristce) and rapid polymerization (less than 6 seconds) with his plama lamp Apollo or its MiniLED in a world that was dominated by halogen plymerization and more than 40 seconds

He has given on all his researchs about 550 lectures worldwide and his work has been featured in over 300 major publications and 600 newspaper articles or television interviews.

Dr. Duret has received numerous important awards (lasts :GNYAP Schweitzer Research Award 2018 and Indelli Innovation Award 2018 in Italy) and National (From the French President) or international distinctions. He is (or was) a member (or honorary) of numerous international societies.