Dr. Dan Rosen


Dr. Dan Rosen

PATENTS: Owner of:
1) Patent # US 7,090,495 “Dental implant screw and post system”
2) Patent # US 10,792,126 B2 ZYGOGUIDE

Self employed, Israel, 1986-1990
Self employed, Encino, California, 1990-present
Self employed, Panorama City, California, 1991-present.
Self employed Sherman Oaks, California new dental office – March 2015 –present.
Act as a regional screener for Dentical Of California 1992-2008.
Continuing education registered provider 2005- present by the Dental Board of California License #4332
Oral Conscious Sedation License # 3685

Performs all phases of dentistry, including placement & restoration of dental implants. In 3 offices I have 3 associates in each office as well as specialists in the fields of periodontist, orthodontist, pedodontist & oral surgery, in order to provide dentistry from A-Z under the same roof.
I act as a mentor for different dentists who are coming to my office for an “over the shoulder” teaching and training of Dental implants and all necessary procedures in that field.

From 2007-2014 I was a partner in MIS China in which my roll was teaching and training doctors in China in the field of Implant dentistry. Between these years I visited China over 20 times for 10 days each time .I had visited many cities, many dental offices, and many hospitals and gave lectures and training to many doctors in China.
In 2014 my group lost the contract with the MIS Israel and we stop doing business in China. I am holding all my lectures and all the set up in order to start it again.

From January 2013 I started a new business in California in order to treat snoring and sleep apnea by Non-Surgical method. I opened 40 centers in southern California under Dr Snore. (www.drsnore.com).

I have 2 patent pending in the field together with Dr Keropian.

From January 2015-present I am teaching placement of Zygomatic & Pterigoyde implants as a solution for restoration of atrophic Maxilla. I have course in Sao Paolo, Brazil where all courses are on live patients. (http://land.395implant.com/zygoma-course-2/)

My goal is to share my knowledge to dentists in the fields of Implant dentistry including placement of Zygomatic implants. I am able to organize courses in any of the places you want and in any level you want. I am connected to specialist in Israel and USA in the above mentioned subjects.

Able to speak and give lectures in: English, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Farsi.I am also able to speak Chinese (Mandarin) as 3d grade