Dr. Ahnaf Aljajah


Dr. Ahnaf Aljajah

Dr. Ahnaf is a dentist with MSc in Orthodontics from Austria. But this is not what makes him very special in the dental field. What makes him unique are two big achievements.

He established one of the best continuous education academies in the Middle East, he conducted more than 500 courses from 2013-2020 in 8 countries. His academy name is MASTERY ACADEMY and more than 3000 dentists have been enrolled in this academy

Many names of the top 100 are teaching in my academy, like Dr. Ahmad Madarati , Dr. German Gomez.

The second big achievement is establishing a college specialized in Dental Management education. He teach dentists how to become successful businessmen. This college in London is the first of its kind in the world. More than 1000 dentists have been enrolled in the INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTAL MANAGEMENT.

Dr. AHNAF believes that he can be a good partner for your website since he can promote your ideas professionally worldwide.