Dr. Ahmad Madarati

BDS, MSc, PhD (UK)

Dr. Ahmad Madarati

Dr Ahmad Madarati is an Associate Professor and Consultant in micro-endodontics at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia. Following a Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics & Operative Dentistry (2001) and a Clinical Master degree in Endodontics (2003) from Damascus University, Syria, Prof Madarati attained his PhD in Endodontics from The University of Manchester, United Kingdom (2010). 

His experience in endodontic is recognized by the Royal College of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. His academic achievements are combined with over 24 years’ clinical experience, incorporating the state-of-art technologies in micro-endodontics in both private and academic practices.

Prof Madarati has been involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education, including the establishment of Residency Programme in endodontics. Dr Madarati was ranked as one of the top five Young Researchers in the Health and Medical Sciences and was the Runner-up of the 2011 Scopus Young Researcher Award in United Kingdom which was developed by Elsevier in association with the US/UK Fulbright Commission.

Prof Madarati has over 50 publications in prestigious dental journals. In addition, he is an associate editor of the European Endodontic Journal and an Advisory Board member of the Saudi Endodontic Journal. He is also an official reviewer for several prestigious journals like; Dental Materials and International Endodontic Journal.

Prof Madarati has been remarkably lecturing internationally, as a keynote speaker, and won many awards as a best speaker and for best presentations. Prof Madarati is the founder of “Excellence in Endodontics” groups and extensively supervising continuous education hands-on courses worldwide.

With extensive clinical experience, a strong academic record and achievements combined with distinguished research and publication achievements, Prof Madarati always seeks positions that enable him to build upon these achievements and to successfully progress his career.